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7 Great Reasons to Go Vegetarian

The vegetarian diet is so much more than just a fad; it’s a lifestyle change that one really has to be serious about.

Let’s face it, being a vegetarian can be difficult, especially with the popularity of food photography on social media these days.

However, there are some great reasons to switch to the vegetarian diet, no matter how hard it is, such as follows:

1. Vegetarianism reduces the risk of cardiovascular illnesses

If you love eating veggies, you’re actually eating foods that are lower in saturated fat, and cholesterol, and a lot higher in plant-based nutrients compared to meat-based diets. Based on studies, veggie lovers appear to have a 24% lower danger of kicking the bucket due to coronary illness than non-vegetarians.

New Harvard research has demonstrated that high consumption of red meat may increase the danger of coronary illness by half amongst diabetics. What’s more, research has also found that people who are already suffering from coronary disease can actually reverse their dangerous health situation by switching to a vegetarian diet.

2. It slows down the aging process

If you want to look younger for longer, it seems that eating veggies might be the way to go! A 12-year Oxford study distributed in the British Medical Journal has found that veggie lovers live longer compared to meat eaters by an average of six years.

A diet that is primarily plant-based are, for the most part, rich in fiber, phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, boosts the immune system, keeps your skin clear and firm, and gives you that healthy “glow”.

3. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions and help the environment

Livestock agriculture, especially for large livestock such as cattle, emit tons of greenhouse gasses that contribute to climate change and increase temperatures worldwide. By switching to a veggie diet, you will reduce the need for livestock agriculture, thus decreasing greenhouse gas emissions as well.

4. It lessens your chance of cancer

Consuming high amounts of meat can be dangerous to the health because it can lead to an increased chance of cancer. When meats are grilled, there is an increase of carcinogenic compounds such as heterocyclic amines (HCA) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) formed during the cooking process. These substances are believed to increase cancer risk.

In addition, the high fat content of meat and other animal products increases hormone production, thus increasing the risk of hormone-related cancers such as breast and prostate cancer.

Switching to a vegetarian diet that is rich in fiber offers your body a measure of protection against these compounds, and lessens your risk of developing cancer.

5. It decreases the instance of food contaminants

Here’s a fact: Meat-based food production are often loaded with risky toxins and contaminants, for example, hormones, herbicides, pesticides, and antibiotics. In order to keep the animals healthy, plump, and more attractive for consumers, many producers are pumping them full of chemicals to make them grow faster, make them more resistant to pest and disease, and reach marketable weight as quickly and easily as possible.

Now, imagine all of these chemicals going into your body.

Since all of these chemicals are fat-solvent, they gather in the fats of animals. What’s worse, there are times when any amount of vaccination or treatment won’t get rid of microorganisms, and parasites, such as salmonella and trichinella, and different worms, and toxoplasmosis parasites.

Have you ever seen pork that’s been infested with parasites? It’s enough to send anyone running for the nearest veggie stand.

6. It promotes a more sustainable food supply

Food security is one the biggest problems we have worldwide, and one we can solve by simply increasing our veggie consumption. Every year, thousands of people-- many of them children -- on this planet unnecessarily starve to death. Crops that could be utilized to sustain the hungry are rather being utilized to swell creatures raised for nourishment.

Here’s the math: if everybody on Earth got 25 percent of his or her calories from livestock, just 3.2 billion individuals could be sustained. However, if everybody switched to a primarily vegetarian diet, there would be enough sustenance to sustain the world's whole populace of more than 6.3 billion individuals.

7. It lowers instances of animal cruelty

If you’ve seen a video about how many industrial livestock plants slaughter and process animals, it’s easy to understand why a lot of people are turning to vegetarianism. Livestock animals don’t have the same legal protection against practices that would be considered illegal if performed on cats or dogs. However, livestock animals are no less astute or equipped for feeling torment than are the mutts and felines we love as friends.

A vegetarian way of life stirs our soul of empathy and guides us towards a kinder, gentler society in which we practice an ethical decision to treat these animals—not misuse them.

Yes, it’s actually pretty hard to make the sudden shift towards vegetarianism, when you’re used to eating meat your whole life. So why not start small?

Go for a mushroom or tofu burger now and again. Get some tofu steak, instead of beef or pork. Your body will thank you for it!

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