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How Not to Miss Meat on a Vegetarian Diet

Regardless of why you are changing your current diet towards a more “veggie lover way” of life - whether it’s ethical, health, or religious-, it is normal to miss the presence of meat in your diet, particularly when you first begin your stroll as a vegetarian. The most important thing is not to regret your decision, because even if you love eating meat, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad thing. All things considered, a large portion of us are raised eating pork, chicken, beef, and lamb.

The great news is that there are heaps of substitutes for meat and great recipes you can use so you can dispense with meat from your eating routine and not feel like you are "doing without meat". What’s more, switching to a vegetarian diet lowers the “bad cholesterol” intake in your diet because meat contains a higher amount of calories and fats that are harder for your body to process and absorb.

The best way to avoid missing the meat in your diet is by looking for some great substitutes. For most people, it’s the taste of meat that they really miss, while others miss the texture, or the “full” feeling that they get from eating meat.

One of the best meat substitutes is the vegetarian staple, tofu. Tofu is made from soya beans, making it a perfect addition to any vegetarian diet. It is packed with proteins, and it is an exceptionally adaptable ingredient for vegetarian recipes because it mimics the texture of meat so well and depending on how you cook it, you can even make it taste like meat.

As you start assembling your library of vegetarian recipes, you will find that tofu is one of the most common ingredients because it works so well in heaps of different recipes. What’s more, you can cook it in a wide variety of ways, whether you’re roasting, frying, steaming, or sauteing.

Tofu is such an awesome meat substitute and a remarkable dietary source that you can even utilize it in different egg dishes, for example, quiches, custard, and omelets. Blending tofu is a great way to mask the presence and taste of tofu. It works so well, your meat-loving friends might not even notice that you’ve replaced the dairy and eggs in your recipe with the tofu!

If you really want to remove any animal products from your diet, soy milk is another must-have staple in your pantry. In addition to the fact that it is delightful to drink as a refreshment, it can replace animal milk in recipes pretty much as effectively.

One of the most exciting things about switching to a vegetarianism is learning creative and different approaches to finding substitutes for animal-based ingredients in your recipes. You’ll find that, since you’re not using the “usual” ingredients, you’ll be inspired to find ways to make your food taste as good as they did before. This time, however, they will be more healthy for you!

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