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What You Need to Know about Natural Suncream

Now that summer is here, you’re probably excited to go out and have some fun in the sun! There’s few little things better to do on a sunny summer day than to head to the beach, or to a sun-lit park, and spend time with your family, friends, and pets!

However, in the rush to go and have fun, you shouldn’t forget to apply your suncream!

How to Apply Suncream Properly

Sun cream isn’t something that you slap on your skin and think it’s all good. In order to make the most out of your sun cream, here are some great tips to keep in mind:

✓You should apply suncream at least 20-30 minutes before you go out into the sun, so that you can give your skin time to absorb the suncream. If you just put it on right before you go out and enjoy your time in the sun, it might not work as well.

✓Re-apply suncream on your skin if you are planning to stay outside for more than 3 hours, especially if you are swimming or staying out under the sun for extended periods of time. Water and sweat can quickly remove the suncream from your skin.

✓Cover all the exposed areas of your body and pay extra attention to the parts that you don’t often think about such as the back of your neck, back of your legs, and the back of your hands.

✓Don’t be stingy; better to smooth on the suncream, than rubbing it into your skin.

Who Should Use Suncream?

Anyone who is going out into the sun should use suncream. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Whether you have a light or dark skin tone, you should protect yourself from the sun, especially if you are staying outside for long periods of time. Some people believe that people with darker skin tones are okay going out into the sun without the protection of suncream. While the higher amount of melanin in the skin does provide SOME protection from the sun, it still does not mean that people with darker skin tones should spend long periods of time under the sun without skin protection.

What does SPF in Suncream Mean?

The letters are an abbreviation that stands for Sun Protection Factor. The SPF number on a bottle of suncream tells you how well the product will protect you from UVB, (ultraviolet B rays), which are the sun rays that can cause skin diseases.

The general rule is that the higher the SPF number, the greater the amount of protection. Everyone should use a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15.

What are the Benefits of Using Natural Suncreams?

Using a suncream that’s made from natural ingredients will lessen the chance of allergic reactions. Also, there are reports that suncreams that contain chemical ingredients can actually disrupt the endocrine processes in the body.

From a report published in a book called, “Sunscreen Photobiology - Molecular, Cellular, and Physiological Aspects”, it stated that suncreams that contain titanium dioxide (and many commercial brands do), can actually cause more harm than good, because titanium oxide can actually absorb both UVA and UVB, and bring it into the body. Ironic, right?

Always make sure that you are using a natural, organic suncream!

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