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Q. I have filled out my application, what is the next step?
A. Once your application has been filled out we will review your products and the information you have provided and get back to you within 5 working days.

Q. Do I need professional images of my products?
A. Images will be reviewed on a case by case basis but we do require all images to be on a plain white background. We can help with image editing if required.

Q. How does it work if we are fulfiling our own orders?
A. If you are fulfilling your own orders you will be able to set your own delivery fees in your seller portal that you will get access to once registered.  You could have one fee across all products or assign individual fees per product and you would receive all delivery fees charged.  We do advise that free or a low delivery fee is offered where possible to increase your sales conversion rate but we totally understand that not all brands can absorb this cost.

Q. I am not a UK based business can I still join?
A. Yes, companies from outside the UK are able to apply but must use Natreco’s order fulfilment services

Q. How does Fulfilment By Natreco work?
A. You send a consignment of stock to our fulfilment centre and we fulfil any order received on Natreco.

How do I know when I have received an order on Natreco?

A. All sellers have their own online portal you can view and print orders. An email notification is also sent so you can review and print the order sheet.

Q. What is your commission?
A. We like to keep our pricing simple.We do not charge any onboarding fees, listing fees, monthly fees or marketing fees.

We charge a flat rate of 25% commission per order received if the brand fulfils their own order and 40% if Natreco takes care of the order fulfilment. Click here to what’s included in the commission rates.

Q. How often would we be paid?
You can set the payment frequency in your seller portal.  For example, you could choose every day or, set day every week or even once a month.

Q. How do we communicate with our customers?
A. Your customers can contact you directly through the Natreco platform using the integrated system. All buyer / seller communication must be through the internal messaging system.

Q. Can the Natreco platform feed in to our own platform?
A. Yes. Although the Natreco seller portal has all you need to manage stock and orders we can integrate with your platform so orders and stock levels are automatically updated on your system.

There will more than likely be a one off development charge for integration. As there are so many platforms out there each integration will be reviewed and priced on an individual basis.
Please contact sellersupport@natreco.com with queries regarding integration.